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Employee Spotlight: Trevor Saunders


How many years have you worked at Muriales?

I have worked at Muriales for roughly 5 years now.

What position in the Front of House do you work?

So I am a bartender, I do a lot of the banquets and caterings, and I used to serve.

What position did you start in?

I was a host staff when I started.

What is your favorite part of working here?

I just love how everyone is a family and we work as a team always. There’s never any issues because of friendship and all.

What is your favorite memory?

My favorite memory is just all the friends that I have made throughout the years I have worked here. Most of my friends are people who work here.

Any advice you would give a new person starting in the Front of House?

I would say just don’t be a stranger. Always come up and ask questions because we are all willing to help you with any problems you have or if your confused about something.

Quotes From Staff

“Trevor is the kind of guy that can get along with anybody he’s around. He has grown a lot within his five years of working here, becoming one of our top banquet and catering servers, and more recently bartender. His pleasant personality shines with his guests and coworkers! He works hard to be a reliable and independent employee and we appreciate him very much!”

“Trevor is the best! My "host staff manager"..starting here at 16, we've watched him (and his hair) grow personally and professionally. He handles chaos with coordination, always accomplishes two tasks at a time, and knows how to charm a room. He excels in whatever position he is handed. We appreciate all of the hard work he puts into his work days.”  

“I have had the pleasure of working with Trevor for a couple years now. Over these years he has blossomed into someone everyone wants to work with. He is determined and always makes a work day pleasurable. From laughing with coworkers and mixing up drinks for all the guest he is one of the most well rounded employees at Muriale’s. You might see him working banquets, caterings or just behind the bar. But no matter where you see him you’re going to leave with a smile.” 


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