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Employee Spotlight: Rich Kiser


How many years have you worked at Muriales?

“17 years”

What position in the kitchen do you work?

“I work the sauce spoon. Every red sauce item that comes out, that’s from me. I’ve been working there for about 8 years now. Moved up from the dish house. That’s where I started when I came to Muriale’s.”

What is your favorite part of working here?

“The atmosphere and the people that I work with. It feels like a second home for me.”

What is your favorite memory?

“I threw an aluminum foil ball and it accidentally hit Rocco in the head. And he had juices running down the side of his head.”

Any advice you would give a new person starting in the kitchen?

“Be fast. Make sure you pay attention to every order that’s on the slip not just the ones that are for your specific area.”

Quotes From Staff

“Rich is a reliable, hard working and independent employee. He is a jack of all trades when it comes to the kitchen. He has worked every position a back of the house employee can work and is always willing to step up to the plate when it’s needed.”

“Working with Rich for 13 years now, he’s always been my go-to on the line and go-to in many situations. He slings the pasta like no one else and will always be on your side. He is family!”

“Wanna know who is behind the sauce on hundreds of spaghettis served daily? That’s Rich. He is level-headed, fast handed, and an asset to Muriales. We appreciate him and the hard work he does day in and day out.”


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