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Employee Spotlight: Ellie Gregory

"Ellie has such ambition and drive. I’ve never seen someone her age that has so much on her plate and still asks for more."


How many years have you worked at Muriales?

I've worked at Muriale’s for about three years now.

What position in the Front of House do you work?

I work as a server and a lead server. Sometimes, I'll also help out on the register when needed.

What position did you start in?

I started out as a host and gradually moved up over time, working a handful of positions.

What is your favorite part of working here?

It’s a community here. I grew up at Muriales, starting out when I was sixteen. My best friends started here around the same time and we've always had each other’s back whether it be in work or outside. I can’t imagine my life without this place.

What is your favorite memory?

My favorite memory is a couple years ago, at the work Christmas party, we all decorated our own ornament and I still have mine. It was fun hanging out with everyone and adding our own special part to the restaurant.

Any advice you would give a new person starting in the Front of House?

Ask questions! If you ask a question, we know you’re eager to learn everything and want to move up. We will never get upset if you have a question, because we know you’re trying to learn.

Quotes From Staff

“Oh Ellie, she is just a pleasure to be around. She walks into a room and can make anyone laugh. She radiates an energy that just can make everyone’s day better. She is a hard worker, but a good friend. Everyone says we have secret recipes in the restaurant. The secret is to create a workplace with people like Ellie that can make the worst situations magically turn into the best.“

“One thing about Ellie is you will most certainly walk away from the conversation laughing. She is witty, hospitable and always goes the extra mile. That’s exactly what you look for in this industry. She is constantly taking on new roles and tasks to help her fellow coworkers and always shows what an asset she is to Muriales. Ellie has grown into an exceptional server and natural born leader.”

“Ellie has such ambition and drive. I’ve never seen someone her age that has so much on her plate and still asks for more. She is dependable, hospitable, and just a good person. Also- hilarious. If you’ve had the privilege to watch her grow like I have, you wouldn’t be able to find enough words to describe how genuinely awesome she is.”


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