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Employee Spotlight: Madison Balzer

How many years have you worked at Muriale's? I have worked at Muriale's for 4 years. I started here when I was 16 as a host. I moved up to seater, and then server. I also work register at curbside. What is your favorite meal? My favorite meal is probably the Shrimp Fra Diavlo. What do you like most about working here? My co-workers for sure! I had a friend who started here before me when we were in high school and she brought me in to get an application. After some time, I realized it is so easy to get along with everyone here. Everyone is really nice and you can always find something in common with whoever you are working with. For example, the guys in the kitchen never would have thought a 20-year-old girl would have anything in common with a guy who has worked here longer than I've been alive, but we are all just "buds." It's an awesome place, and I've made a lot of friends.

What is your most favorite memory? My most favorite memory is when a table of 23 guests stood and gave my coworker and I a round of applause. They said everything was amazing and they were so appreciative of our service and hospitality. When a guest is pleased, you know the hard work was worth it. Those are the best memories. When a hard day feels worth it. What advice would you give someone who is 16 coming in for their first job? Number One: This is not an ER Number Two: There are no feelings in Meatballs (She laughed while saying this..) No seriously, at the end of the day, eventually everyone will get sat, everyone will get their food, and the employees will make their money. Tensions get high in a high-volume environment like Muriale's, but you have to learn to brush that off. In the end, we are all one big happy family. Staff Comments/Quotes "Madison Balzer is one of our best. From starting at a young age, we've all watched her grow into an exceptional worker and teammate. She has a personality that shines with her guests and coworkers, and she can keep us all laughing when she is around. She is vibrant, eager to work, and always there to lend a helping hand. We always say we hire the best of the best, and this is true with Bestie Balzer." "Maddie has a winning attitude and welcoming personality. She's very hospitable and a joy to be around." "Balzer, or Bestie as we have dubbed her, is such a super individual inside and outside of work. It's humbling as a manager to watch someone grow from a bubbly high school kid to this well-rounded, respected, and fun young adult. Madison is always willing to help out, NEVER comes in with a bad attitude, and is always willing to go the extra mile for her guests and coworkers. She is a role model for the younger staff, and we appreciate her so much here!" "Balzer always makes everyone around her smile ear to ear. She is always there to lend a helping hand, and she is super well rounded. She can pretty much do anything here."


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