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Employee Spotlight: Gabrielle Marie Starsick aka Bree

Q&A with Bree

How many years have you worked at Muriales?

Since 2016. I Started working at muriales at 18. First As host, then seater then waitress.

What's your favorite dish?

Shrimp Fra Diavlo, but nothing tops Muriale’s traditional meat sauce

What do you like most about working at Muriales ?

The guests that I meet and the people that I work with. Muriales attracts some pretty wonderful people.

What's you favorite memory working here?

I have this family I met whose son had this stuffed animal named “Crumbs”. I noticed He was really connected to this stuffed animal. So I brought out a little plate of bread crumbs for “Crumbs” and the family got a kick out of it and said their son loves bread crumbs and eats them all the time. Every time they come in now they request me. Each visit I’ve gotten to know them a little more and learned that the Mother was never supposed to have children and their son is a miracle. I would say that my favorite experience has been meeting them and really getting to know them and having a closer personal relationship with them.

Staff comments/quotes

"Bree has a personality that can make anyone's day better. She is thoughtful, hard working and determined to go above and beyond for her guests. I think our employees and guests can all agree that Bree is a perfect example of what it means to work in hospitality." 

"Bree has such a charismatic, contagious energy. From our staff, senior or new, or to her guests, age 5 to 95, she makes a lasting impression that leaves a smile on everyone's face. Guests become regulars because they get sat in her section. Her hospitality is unmatched."


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