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Employee Spotlight: Christian Nestor

Meet this week's employee spotlight, Christian Nestor! Described as versatile, hardworking, and dependable, Christian is one of our most valued team members here at Muriales.


How long have you worked at Muriales?

“I have worked at Muriales for 10 years.”

What is your favorite meal?

“My favorite meal is either the chicken or veal parmesan”

What do you like most about working at Muriales?

“What I like most about working at Muriales is probably the people I work with. I’ve made a lot of close friends over the years. Some that have moved on that I’m still close friends with. That’s probably my favorite thing.”

What is your favorite memory while working here?

“That’s a tough question I have a lot of great memories from here. Probably my first Greer Picnic catering that we do every summer.”

What advise would you give someone who is 16 and starting their first job here?

“Definitely work hard and try to do as much as possible. The more your managers and co workers see that you’re working hard the more potential you have for moving up whether that be serving or seating or banquets and caterings.”

Quotes from Staff

“Christian Nestor is an all-around great guy and a great asset here at Muriale's. In the years Christian has been with us, you could always count on him to help out where he was needed. When we were short on banquet and catering servers, he stepped up from a host. When we were short on day shift workers, he stepped up and rearranged his schedules. Most recently, when we were short on bartenders, he stepped up to fulfill the role without question. We appreciate Christian's hard work and loyalty so much!”

“Christian Nestor is one of our most versatile employees we have! He has worked almost every position possible from host, server, register, banquet/catering server and most recently bartender. He has a witty personality that keeps everyone laughing. We appreciate his dedication to Muriales over the years.”

“Christian is an amazing person. He is full of excitement and sarcasm, and he makes his environment very lively. He is truly one of a kind and we are happy to have him.”


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