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Employee Spotlight: Rolland Howard aka Phatz

It's important to us at Muriale's to highlight our incredible team members. They are the ones that keep the Muriale's tradition alive and well. Since they typically perform behind the scenes, we thought it important to recognize them on our platform.

Our first spotlight is Mr. Rolland Howard, aka Phatz. One of our most experienced kitchen guys, Phatz has been apart of the Muriale's team since 1998. He says his favorite dish is the Steak Dinner Special. Phatz is an excellent line cook who knows his way around the sauce station. If you've enjoyed Muriale's in recent years, he's a person to thank for that.

Quotes from Muriale's team members...

"He’s a hard worker, is always willing to help, and always has a smile on his face."

“One of the funniest people you’ll ever meet.”

“Would do anything for anyone.”

“A joy to work with.”


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